How to Find a Good System Poker Coach

How to Find a Good System Poker Coach

“Are you taking a stab at live tournament poker, or do you just want to recover your night game?” This question is not posed merely to promote poker training sites. It’s Serious Inquiries if you ask poker professionals if they have a good poker coach. Most of the time the poker coaches are aware of what’s going on at the table. They can see you’re losing hands, know when you’re pushing your chips too hard, and take honest marks when you’re doing the latter. So they, and you, are inextricably linked by the shared experience of the game. “He’s got to be one tight player” or “Just because he’s a tight player, he can’t be that tight … player who makes those ridiculous bluffs.” These are Standard Analytic answers given by poker beginners to the Effectiveness of their Poker Coaching.

When you’ve found the legitimate coach you can get a lot of personalized attention in your head and a perspective on the game you may have never seen before. “This is the way I’ve always done it” is the conventional wisdom. But perhaps you’re a little confused. Maybe you’re looking for more than one coach or perhaps you’re looking for a couple of different approaches in the game?

I have a special friendship with Mike Caro and the Tight Aggressive style of playing. I wrote an article recently in which I introduced a concept called Loose Passive. Loose Passive is when a player plays a lot of hands, but folds most of them. If you realize this, you may want to adapt the concept of Loose Passive so that you can become a lot more profitable while playing Texas Hold Em Poker.

Adapting the tight passive concept into such a form of play will make you a better poker player in the long run. The best way to do so is to really honing your passive game. To be frank, become a pretend expert. Try to select a real passive game and pretend to play it at an advanced level. When you are doing this, dont even think of having to Fold when you have a real Hand. You will be always a winner because only players who play loose are limited in Vodka138.

This is really a tweak to the overall game and should only be tried in a low stakes game. When you are a low limit bettor, you will be a lot more selective on premium hands and this is the perfect spot to apply the looser approach.

This is a big advantage and rarely used in high stakes poker. When you can get into a low limit game and not have to worry about betting quite so high, you will be much more inclined to stick around. You should also take more chances with decent hands at this level, but you will have to have a bit more patience. The thing about all of the above, is that is takes a keen sense of the table, a lot of practice, and patience. Bonus Tribes are a great way to do this.

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