Card Counting Strategies

Card Counting Strategies

Card counting strategies are strategies for the game of blackjack in which the player bets, or bets in a Pool, and receives a varying return on his or her bet. A decks full of tens, jacks, queens and kings mean that the odds go up considerably in favor of the casino, which begins to favor the player why bet the maximum, the only possible way to beat the house edge. Because the return of the card counter for betting the maximum is far less than the rate at which the odds favor the house, the player can win a lot of money by betting the maximum.

Why card counting works is an important issue, but is not the topic of this article.

Does card counting really work and is it worth it?There are two points at issue here and both have confronted millions of players.

The short answer is no, although there are good card counters and there are smart players that do win, by observing and adapting their betting strategies these experts can actually come out on top, they don’t need to hold a ten in order to know that the odds are in their favor.

The long answer involves knowing the deck curve, which is a mathematical concept used to calculate the probability of getting a card of a particular value from the deck. The casino has an advantage because the deck curve is not a true one, it is actually an approximation. You actually don’t know what the probability of getting a ten card is, because cards are dealt out at random.

To prove this concept, let’s go back to our example of the coin flip:

If you were to flip a coin 20 times it would probably not land heads-up 10 times, perhaps 15 or 16 times. If you started flipping the coin right now, you theoretically would predict 50 heads and 50 tails, but this is not going to happen. Instead, what the system (the pokerlounge99) actually does is the exact opposite. If you were able to predict the probability of a 10 card, you will probably better the prediction than predict the actual probability.

Card counting is the only way to beat the casinos edge. If you know the probability of getting a particular card, you know your odds, and you can figure out what the dealer is up to quite easily. There are not many situations that you would rather know than that, so it is a huge advantage.

If you flip a coin enough times, you will probably be able to start to predict what the next flip is going to be, with some accuracy. If you want to bet really big, you will need to bet when you have a clear knowledge of the probability of it coming up a certain way. This is card counting. While this is not the same as card counting, you can still decipher what the probability is and bet accordingly, and this is the key to the entire concept of card counting. If the probability is showing a + sign, you know that there is a better than average probability of it coming up a certain way. So, you can actually calculate your odds and place your bet accordingly, and this is the heart of card counting.

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