Beating the Odds Long Term - Sports Betting Systems

Beating the Odds Long Term – Sports Betting Systems

You can win a lot of money if you develop the right sports betting systems that win over the long haul. The odds are that you will win lesser tournaments or games when you have the right approach to betting. Developing the right methods will help you to win on a consistent basis. This is where a lot of money is made by sports betters.

If you want to win the game, you have to win the long term. It is not possible to win a tournament every time or every season. You need to be at the winning side more than most to be able to say that you have done your homework.

Your goal is not to win a lot of money or to win the tournament but to win the battle, big bets. If you can not place big bets, you are not going to beat the bookies over the long term. Most people want to win and most people are willing to bet. The problem is that they lose almost every time they bet.

The right method for betting is a bet that you can place with the edge on your side. There are many different approaches to betting. One of the easiest is to bet a known edge. When you place an over under bet, you are betting the point spread. In this situation, the team that is favored to win the game will usually be a 5 point favorite.

The best way to bet this edge is to get the point spread or the decimal point spread on the favored team. You must bet $100 to win $100. Most people start with $50, but betting the over and under is actually very profitable. Beating the odds means that you are making an underdog bet. This increases your return for a $100 bet.

To win betting the over or under, you need to get the best odds. The easiest way to get the best odds are to compare the odds of a team to the points spread on an over/under bet.

Using the method I just described, you will bet the over or under of the game with the points spread. This edge is based on the predicted points that a team is expected to win by. Instead of tipping our hats to the favored team every time, let’s see if this system will work for us over the long term.

Since 1994, whenever the Over/Under total line goes above +3, a betting has occurred. 46% of all games since 1994 have gone over the total. We will take a look at this further. 46% of the games since 1994 have been decided by seven points or more. This means that approximately 33% of the time, the actual points spread will end up between 48 and 53. Approximately 22% of the time, the actual points spread will end up at exactly 48. If we were able to bet against the favorite 11% of the time, we would have lost our money over the long term.

So far, almost 50% of the time, the game has gone over the total at one time or another. This is not to say that no games have been decided by a field goal. Let’s take a look at some of the games that were “over” the total.

1/15/94 Cincinnati Bengals beat Miami Dolphins (+3) at home.

1/23/94 Washington Redskins beat St. Louis Rams (+3) at home.

1/30/94 Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat New York Giants (+3) at home.

2/12/94 Detroit Lions beat Minnesota Vikings (+3) at home.

2/18/94 San Francisco 49ers beat Atlanta Falcons (-2) at home.

2/25/94 Denver Broncos beat Miami Dolphins (6) at home.

3/1/95 Philadelphia Eagles beat Miami Dolphins (3) at home.

3/8/95 Chicago Bears beat Detroit Lions (-3) at home.

3/11/95 New York Jets beat Minnesota Vikings (+3.5) at home.

3/15/96 Buffalo Bills beat New York Bills (-3.5) at home.

St. Louis Rams was favored (-1.5) in a game against the New York Giants. The game closed with an eight point margin in favor of the Rams. Source: greggturk

Pittsburgh Steelers was the most favored team in a Vegas88 against the Utahftime-pose. The Steelers were down by two touchdowns late in the third quarter. However, late in the fourth quarter, they scored 27 unanswered points to win by 12. 30 minutes later, they scored again to win by 14. Later in the day, they completed a fabulous three and out to beat the Baltimore Ravens. Source: hillman

By all accounts, these are not the types of spreads that you would expect to see listed on the betting site.

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