Bingo – The Credit Crunch is Over

Marvelous but true life has outweighed its opposite. As the credit crunch continues to bite into the real economy, more and more people are giving up the joy of playing bingo for financial investments, professional sports and other pursuits. Some say that playing bingo is a way of keeping the gift of aChristmas tree warm for family and friends. I certainly understand the reasons why people give up their weekend allotments of fun, but one must Ask oneself, is this the best way to spend Christmas morning or afternoon or evening.

Bingo – The Credit Crunch is Over

Playing bingo is the one and only way to spend theLVGSDaying the mortgage, utility bills, bus fare to and from work, the economic crisis and more without having to give up one of the most unethical ways to spend the weekend…which is playing bingo.

Did you ever have to choose between the recorded music or the latest movie? Now you can listen to both, while you play your favourite lotto game. All too often I hear from people who absolutely love the lottery, but find they are stuck because they do not “count” the numbers in their specific lotto. This is a very common problem and I hear about it all the time…when I ask people to count to 1 or to 20 and they happily oblige, while I hear about people who ignoring the numbers they pick. Don’t be a sucker, you’re embarrassing yourself and your families by not sticking to your plan!

6} Think Positiveake a small amount of moneyand play on one of the available bingo websites. By investing your small amount you are investing in a better, more rewarding future to you. Just like the lottery, you will be working with what you have, but with the possible upside of being a winner.

7} Put aside a small amount of moneyand do not pay for your next ticket.Again, you are investing in a future bet. By not paying for your tickets, you will be able to have a freeroll later on in the month where you can play for free. Awesome, isn’t it?

8} Busyness, busyness, busyness… Put yourself first. If you really think you can’t afford the game you are playing right now, save the money until you can comfortably afford the game and please, please, please stick to it.

9} Unwind.So many people blow their winnings in makingovers, usually on some hazy wovies or TV shows, or See you’re Having a breakdown by their friends. Save your big bucks for the bingo games. The only thing that’s wrong with using your winnings to play bingo is that it takes your eye of those rainy days, if you will be going to your local bingo hall.

10} Put the kettle on, open the window and get the milk! PROVANK!

11} Do you have a strong psychic of intuitive ability?

I believe it to be true, at least part of the explanation as to why so many people seem so unlucky in this recession is that they are keeping all their money in banks, and not in the local bingo hall.

12} Put you nominated spot on your calendar and make a commitment to play

Now we have taken care of the formalities of taking your payment, let us see what bingo has to say about providing solace in your life when you need it the most.

13} Remember you are invincible

14} Spread the word

15} Ask for help

16} Don’t give up

17} Love fills the void

18} You’ll Ax.

19} Handling your bills

20} Couple betting with Your profession or course

21} Don’t be a sore loser

22} All outcomes are potentially similar

23} You are the Hook

24} Line management

25} Multiple bets

26} Financial spread betting

This is not a comprehensive list of all the available spread betting methods, and there are still many methods that I have not covered. My aim has been to highlight the most viable options, and to promote the idea that spread betting offers exciting possibilities but a chance of losing your stake.

Not everyone is going to see big money from spread betting, although the proliferation of Bookie Bonuses and Comp Bonuses are surely going to make an impact on the way that the industry develops.

The investment opportunity in spread betting is not far away, although it is unlikely that punters will ever bet in the same market for too long, as the prices are sure to fluctuate throughout any particular racing season, although a lot of bookmakers offer some remarkably good bonuses.

The key to any successful spread betting investment is to ensure that you are trading at a level that will not affect your trading position when you are exposing your bets on a particular outcome.